European Mobility Programmes in the European Years of Skills 2023

por | 28 de Nov de 2023 | Actividades, Erasmus+, Noticias, Planes y programas

Today, 28th November, the students of 1st and 2nd Bachillerato of IES Francisco de los Ríos enjoyed the talk «European Mobility Programmes in the European Years of Skills 2023», given by Raquel Moreno from Europe Direct Andalucía Rural, ADEGUA.

It was a talk in English (but totally accessible for our level) in which she explained the different opportunities that we have as members of the European Union, and that more than one of us had not stopped to think about. The main idea was to make us realise that «when we travel and return to the same place, we are not the same person because something inside us has changed». Now, we feel different!.
Travelling opens up new paths, teaches you to overcome obstacles and, above all, teaches you who you are.
Undoubtedly, many of us will take advantage of this opportunity that membership of the European Union gives us and that will open up many paths in our future.

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